Innov8orDie – the Mission — or something.

So we are firmly in the grip of Bubble 2.0. But the hype, the transforming power of the internet is fundamental and even more pervasive than it feels as we start 2006. Alot more. Its this fact that makes the first internet crash and now the pending second crash of “Web 2.0” so inevitable, so seductive. The crashes are simply the consequence of building faster than everyone can absorb it.

Communications will continue to invade every corner becoming more powerful and cheaper simultaneously. (Sorry Telcos and Cablecos, your network can be rebuilt better and cheaper it will just take some financial creativity and a dash more wireless tech.)
Broadcast scarcity is going fast or maybe even already gone. (Sorry networks sitting back and owning attention by default is long gone. Torrenting shows, Gaming, MySpaces, customized interactive stories tailored to what your customers want are beating your lowest common demoniator cheap reality stuff.)
The marketing channels to people are glutted with meaningless ignored messages. (Sorry advertising execs you know that noise about measuring effectiveness, you ain’t heard nothing yet. And genuine retellable stories don’t come from 30 second spots.)

Anyway. Innov8ordie.
Thanks for any patience you can afford. Hopefully 2-3 updates a week. Lots of links. Can’t help it, got the RSS addiction to feed.


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