Last mile options… notes and links…

I really am a big believer in wireless eventually breaking up the telco/cable duo-poly.   Wifi meshes, WiMax or even 3G all you can eats are just too flexible and will compete with each other right below the current wired price point.  The only way this ~wont~ happen is if last mile bandwidth needs really grow substansially over where they are today.  Anyway, I will blog more on this in the future but a few interesting tidbits in this regard.

FON is a really interesting company from Europe with some .  Essentially they are trying to create a WiFi network with smart safe sharing of all members connections.  This sort of last mile option for Google is a good one especially when combined with the back haul fiber they have brought up.

IF you ask why would they do this look no farther than the tip of this iceberg:

There are many more of these stories and it will be really intesting to watch.


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