What the FON?

Not to become overly obessed with wireless data access (although I am, major emerging platform) but I realized I have never mentioned FON before the last entry.
FON is a fascinating company coming out of Europe delivering software to run on your linksys router to create a wireless network out of existing connections. A good overview can be found at:


I am really not sure how feasible is but if it caught on it sure would be interesting. Maybe they even could be knit in some fashion to the emerging muni networks. Sort of an open internet model but for all semi-public wireless access types…


2 responses to “What the FON?

  1. Indeed I thought those names were pretty humorous when I saw that. Question is will this catch on? Somehow I have this feeling it will be much bigger everywhere but in the US which is sort of a shame. Geography (big clumps of people) is really on the side of Europeans and Japan, and China, actually everywhere but suburbs crazy US.

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