Media flowing to market and the path of least resistance.

Fred from a VC in NY has a really well put together argument about the new ways to syndicate conent and the clear sense of going as wide as possible.

There will certainly be some pain for many in the current video media distribution chain, local affiliates from the write-up above, but there will certainly be many more.

It’s interesting to me that the Telco’s think that they are the new path for delivery with VDSL and Fiber to the premise initiatives. These however have currently only been framed up as being conceptually perhaps 10% or 15% different than current distributions. Monthly payments for scheduled programming. IPTV gives a few new capabilities and a wider lineup but they and their traditional mindset are not getting very far outside of that. Such small thinking probably comes from their defensive reasons for the moves.

It seems that fundamentally “trickling” the content (bittorrent or download) rather than needing a big pipe has some fundamentally superior characteristics and represent a much bigger change than anything the Telco folks or even the cable or sattelite folks have thought up. Replay and Tivo are great but I don’t need them for that capability at all.

On a related note I noticed Slingbox and place shifting got a bunch more funding. I sort of get it but should really try one since on some level that sort of placeshifting doesn’t seem worth the effort. Sitting in a hotel room on the road it just seems easier to turn on the TV there rather than sling something to my laptop or treo. And again, isnt a little automatic RSS/torrent magic better. Wider choices and I can watch it on the plane when I am completely unconnected. I understand downloading shows, particularly automatically, takes set up but that up front cost will be driven out over time.

Actually if someone had one self configuring SW package that read the RSS TV feeds, downloaded the conent through a torrent client, resized it for the Video Ipods or PSPs of the world and then transfered it the next time the device was avaialbe, that might just give that model the chops to show its superiority. Still represents a questionable source in some senses (user redistributed shows) but wow would it be smooth. I want one!

Anyone got a spare million or two they want to give me to build the tool out and push it out into the world? Or even a few hundred thousand to prototype and assemble the POC?


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