Aggregators as self discovery

(I had this sitting in notes and after reading someones post on similar ideas:
I figured it was overdue.)

I am a big bloglines user. I check in nearly every day. I have more feeds than I have time to read. Therefore there is a survival of the fittest where only the most attractive and consistently good feeds get my attention. I frequently go back and delete those feeds with tons and tons of unread messages.

In fact beyond the quality (there are some feeds I ALWAYS read) there is also a sweet spot in the pacing to those that stay on my page. Generally it needs to be more than three a week because otherwise at some point I ask, what was this again, ah… forget it. But if its too many a day it probably gets skipped and backs up.

At times this feels almost like self discovery. I reveal to myself at meta interest level my interests with thousands of quick choices at the detail level. Emergent interest.

Turns out although an engineering manager by trade I am really more drawn to marketing and creative pursuits. I knew this at some level although the marketing part is more acute than I would have imagined were it not proven out by a thousand little choices in the last year…


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