Its about the transactions friction, not the cash.

Its funny but it has become increasingly obvious to me that money is really not a big determination on whether anyone makes a purchase unless someones sense of what is “right” or “fair” sets in. As long as it is what is what X costs and its right there in front of me, boom, get it. Unless its a really major transaction it wont really show up on most peoples balance sheet.

Now where money is generally not a turn-off, ~any~ friction in the transaction is. Make it harder and it can be free but won’t be used.,70150-0.html?tw=rss.index is what is making me think about this again.
Free ringtones of any song in three or four easy well laid out steps. Fact is three or four easy steps is three or four two many. A few bucks every time I want to get a new one though is apparently no friction at all for millions of people. What the carriers and ringtone vendors need to be worried about is when the free methods become frictionless. Literally billions are on the line. Truly astounding to me.


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