Bit Torrenting the world

So 60% of all bandwidth is attributed to bit torrent. Wow…. seriously wow.

I use it to download lots of shows I have no other way of getting (international stuff not broadcast here generally). I even occasionally use it to supplement my Replays time-shifting when something gets missed or when something is in HD and I would really like to see in HD. (Although HBOs current lack of new stuff has stopped that from happening lately).

But I don’t know anyone else other than my brother that does this. So where the heck is all that traffic coming from? Is it shows? Pireated software? Music? Sure that is alot of it but 60%? How many people does that 60% represent?

Another obvious answer that now jumps into my head as I type is that it could be the porn community has somehow adopted bittorrent. You always hear about them being involved in pushing the technological envelope. It makes perfect sense actually. Cheap mass distribution. No censoring or monitoring of any significance. I dont think there is a lot of time sensativity to exactly when most of that content shows up. So in many ways its a better fit than regular broadcast TV. Theres tons of it and a seemingly endless appetite for it. That’s got to be it. Anyone have anything better to explain it?


3 responses to “Bit Torrenting the world

  1. Wow, 60% does seem like a huge number for bittorrents. Hmm, let’s
    us if we can come up with the main categories of downloads and then break them down into sub categories:

    tv, clips, movies (mostly pirated)
    personal images (photo sharing), commercial images (porn)
    mp3s and new casts
    OSs (linux), apps, commercial games (eg Blizzard and Value), pirated games

    I actually suspect that porn is about 1/3 of the bittorrent traffic.
    Non-volatile, as you said. Very expensive bandwidth wise.
    Probably very tempting to teenaged males. Maybe its not
    a third, but if you lump in pirated non-porn movies….

    The next 1/3 might be pirated games. Imagine you’re trying to ‘demo’ the
    latest couple of Doom Whatever.
    1) Download around a GB
    2) Mess around with freeware utilities to burn it to cd
    3) Find out the advertised crack doesn’t work
    4) Go find another copy and download another GB
    5) Repeat

    Hmm, as I write this, an interesting question occurs to me….what
    percentage of the world’s bandwidth is being consumed by
    adolescent and young adult males?

    Ok, the last third? Well, foreign shows are really popular. As
    are US shows in other countries. Linux distros are pretty
    phat downloads. And I bet Blizzard is generating quite a bit
    of traffic with its World of Warcraft updates amongst its
    millions of users.

  2. I wonder if there are any statistics for either type of download or demographic of download. Males 18-35 I bet is 90% or more based on your guess stats which sound about right… Does WoW have a large number of updates?

  3. nice, where do i get it?

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