Flexible Organizations and WoW

Joi Ito world famous blogger and VC had a recent entry about leadership and how it works in guilds in the World of Warcraft.  It fits really well with alot of my thinking about how leadership is evolving and small flexible, reconfigurable groups are where it is at. 


Before you dismiss this out of hand as a strained metaphor the trends of  emphasis on knowledge assets rather than physical ones, specialized knowledge and outsourcing to the best fit, small is the new big, even megatrends like the retiring boomers (less employees, more choice for them) all work to fuel this potentially fundamental change in how organizations must work to flourish.

Of course I may just be hearing what I want to hear because that flexible lead by consensus rather than lead by hierarchy really fits my style of leadship and how I enjoy working.  The change will take time but it can’t happen fast enough for me, even if the US suffers as a result..  But what is the world without personal bias. 

(Actually that is a whole seperate discussion about how more noise and news outlets actually enables bias in modern society rather than elimnates it but that is for another day.)


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