A really good analysis by Om Malik on WiMax:

Bascially I have been wondering for some time what the total per site capacity is because clearly the range for WiMax is huge. This entry and the PDF it links to is pretty clear. In the short term the capacity is relatively low as a total figure. ” one cell could theoretically allow hundreds of business
connections at 1.5 Mbit/s and thousands of residential connections at
256 kbit/s
.” That is simply not a huge amount of total bandwidth.

That is why WiMax is about backhaul for the Wimax mesh, not a replacement for it. Capacity and a bit of cost.

So WiFi Mesh (N will do nicely once they stop their infernal standards bickering!) with generally WiMax backhaul. Its where a heck of lot of its going, particluarly where there is not already an infestation of pesky infrastructure getting in the way…


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