Engaging Players/Viewers

Much of the evolution of media is clearly about the movement from completely passive to progressively less passive forms of entertainment. TVs to WoW.

With that in mind, games and traditional media entertainment will continue to blur and lose a meaningful seperation, becoming a spectrum rather than disctinct channels.

With that, more robust ways of engaging with players/viewers will become increasingly critical to successful media products. (Thinking SMS voting for American Idol as an example.) An interesting analysis would be which engagement techniques gaming products use which could translated to slightly more passive forms could provide some amazing insights.

To help make this clearer, here is a great (highly linked to) presentation at ETech
This is a GREAT presentation, simple and clear as all great presentations are. Actually seems obvious after the fact but again, sign of a great presetnation in my mind…

So how can we use these tools in new ways and in the blending world of the TV/game/MMOG/MySpace landscape?


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