RSS Feeds and the Future

I have generally been pretty high on RSS (Really Simple Syndication) for some time.  Amazing generic technology that will slowly pervade alot of what happens on the web.  It puts the power into the listeners hands which to me makes it inheritly superior to other forms of publication.

Although RSS is not as widely understood as I would have thought it would be by now, it is getting more and more pervasive.  RSS today is sitting in the backseat while blogging drives (and hogs the spotlight).

As the tools to manipulate RSS feeds offer greater and greater flexibility perhaps RSS will come out of the backseat and do some driving.  Perhaps not though, RSS is a name only a mother could love.

For an example of a cool new tool that manipulates RSS look no further than xFruits at  Cool stuff.  Actually they stole several elements of a service I wanted to create as a startup but there is still plenty of room for innovation in this space so I won’t let that get me down.

Check it out and let me know if it makes sense.  I think they need a little more intro on their front page to describe what they are up to, but all the early adopters probably will get it right away.  That will give them time to perpare for a bigger onslaught if they can manage to catch on.


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