Good convergence, bad convergence.

Good use of new technology in the media:

Battlestar Galactica will be releasing mini-webisodes (over the web
obviously) that support and provide explanation for the upcoming
season. It adds that deeper experience for the fans that are really
into it.  Congvergence of media to tell a better story.

Then there is bad usage:
Movies being sold by Sprint to watch only on cell phones.  What the
heck?  What sort of experience is this?  Its just desperation to drive
revenue and provide a reason for their network. And don’t get me wrong I like
Sprint.  Their dataplan is 100 times better than VZs or Cingulars.
But this is a simple cas of doing something because it can be done, not because it should.

Its definitely a new media world, for better AND for worse.


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