Sad impact of over-powered monopolies

There is not much to say here but the US is really falling behind broadband wise.  And to me its clear that the big telecom players have effectively re-consolidated all their power so its unlikely to change dramatically.  The last thing I want is Verizon WiMax or 802.  They already own many of the pipes and much of my wireless access.
The only opponent is the excessively leveraged cable companies. 

Some competition is better than nothing but they are still dragging the US further and further behind other parts of the world

From we get the following facts:

  – The US is 16th overall in broadband penetration

  –  U.S. consumers pay nearly twice as much as the Japanese for connections that are 20 times as slow

Think about that again, 20 times as slow.  That actually the speed bothers me way more than the fact that it is so darn expensive. 
That is lost competitive edge. 
That is a signficant leap in what can be done in terms of applications and services.
That is the lost opportunity to be on the cutting edge  innovation that could come out of fast, cheap pipes.


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