Okay time to start thinking again.

Okay, so my foray into joining with a Sports Simulation game company ran into some snags.  Communications snags most of all, which really makes me sad as I believe that is a true strong point of mine.  ~But~ it takes two to communicate… or maybe even more than two.

After taking a few weeks to recover my equalibrium after taking a “big leap” and landing on my face, its time to get started thinking again.  Remove Sports Center from the RePlay.  Uninstall those games.  Get back out there and -refigure out what you want to do. 

I have had similar thoughts to the artcile below but it is well summarized and provides a good launching point:

The funny thing is Telephone companies are trying to turn themselves into cable companies.
If you look at the three directions cable companies can go, which scenario do Telco’s wearing cablecos clothing end up. 
Yup.  I don’t think its too pretty either.


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