RSS two ways.

RSS is a topic/technology I am really excited by.  The idea of customers pulling and assembling their own “web stuff” is very powerful (and to this point underutilized).

Anyway there is a neat little online TV show with a really basic explanation of RSS.

If find this interesting from two standpoints.

First, its nice to see a really simple RSS explanation.  I bookemarked it to give to friends before I start blathering passioately about RSS feeds and all the stuff missing from them and why I really need to fix that somehow.  The explanation is clear and its simple (even if it undersells the power).  Check it out if you dont know what the heck I am talking about.

More importantly this is a TV show, that can be fed through RSS that covers a topic for free, ~done by one guy~.  No fancy studio, no expensive equipment.  That is powerful.  Really powerful.


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