Is it important

I seem to collect more questions than answer here but that is just the way my mind works. If I get it, no big deal, not need to comment. If it doesn’t make sense or is very unclear, then its intriguing.

Anyway, WHY does it matter who’s imbedded player is used on the web. Does Adobe really make alot of hay with flash? I know they sell tools but the fact that it is simply in use. Does that get them value?
They fight, but does it matter? What is really at stake? Mindshare? Just the tools? Simply seems unimportant but I get the feeling I am missing something.


One response to “Is it important

  1. yes, Mindshare. Space on the desktop. Who’s partners with whom and therefore in on the Next Big Thing. $1.65B for YouTube might not appear, but 1/100th of that is still real $

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