User Generated Content

So there is a big to-do going on at Digg.

The editors were afraid of being sued over the HD-DVD key being the top story. And they might.

BUT now their loyal user base is up in arms and finding ways to game the system to put it at the top anyway.

I really think this is a lesson on Social Networks. If you rely on user generated content it can be VERY fickle and tricky to juggle. Editorialize and you could get in trouble. Don’t editorialize and you will end up in court.

So you have to be small and go under the radar or be big enough to fight back in court (read Google and YouTube).

In between may just be un-tenable. In the long run these social network/user generated content sites might all need to be open source so there is nothing to sue. It may just not be viable for a big company to “own” them… since they don’t really…


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