Digital media is just different

Extraneous Random Kindle Pic
Digitial media has obviously been all the rage everywhere. Upsetting apple carts in a wave of creative destruction.
That’s not a news flash.

I thought this was interesting though, both because Amazon is quietly improving the books you own ~and~ because Gina Tripani was so surprised by that fact. That is just one way digital works are different. I don’t think that the supposedly new ownership models today will hold up in the long run.

Digital libraries are just so different I think we have only begun to explore how they change things.

It has taken me years to change my idea of what it is to “own” music. It used to mean CDs. Then it meant MP3s on my hard drive and ipod. I am slowly getting thats not even it though.
http://www.grooveshark lets me play music legally it even if I don’t have the MP3.

I think ownership will evolve (or already has) to mean, are aware of it, have a short path to access it, have annotated in my lastfm profile so others know I like it and I can use it to find more similar stuff.

My brain gets the facts simple enough, but I don’t think my animal “hunter gatherer” mind gets it yet.


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