Googles Instant Search cool as well as an SEO earthquake

Google launched their newest feature on search.
Instant feedback. Its definitely cool but it will certainly change the SEO landscape quite a bit.
By helping you refine your search results as you type in the search field you can correct mistakes as you go along.

I am really surprised that they launched this feature as it seems to me it will GREATLY cut down the number of searches people do as they get closer to what they want with less “search” clicks. Less clicks means less ads they have to post ads in the sidebar against.
At least today the sponsored links don’t show up until you stop typing and submit your search.
Plus advertisers won’t want to pay for “flash” ads even if they did appear for a micro second.

Steve Rubel’s comments make an even more bold statement on the impact to SEO:

I will go on record predicting that they will actually remove this feature before too long though I wonder what their excuse will be.


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