App Store Exhaustion

After reading in the last 20 minutes about all the breathless excitement over the launch of Amazon Android Store
and then how Google has dropped the ball and there have been almost no sales on the Chrome Web Store, and keeping in mind that Apple is about to launch their own MacOS Appstore to supplement their mobile one… I have SERIOUS APP STORE FATIGUE.

My prediction is 90% of the app stores launched in the next year will be dead before their first birthday. There just isnt consumer interest and the iphone appstore has taken too much of “oh neat” wind out of their sails already. There will be vibrant marketplaces and there will be more than one. Thats good for software developers… the thing is there won’t be more than two or three really viable ones. Building something? You are probably placing a bet on one.


One response to “App Store Exhaustion

  1. The app store concept is a completely temporary phenomenon.

    Why? Imagine if Facebook were only an app that ran on the iPhone. Wake up! It’s 2011. Not 1990. 2011 is no place for native desktop applications to be “killer”. Makes no sense because there is nothing so compelling about an operating system that makes it capable of becoming a permanent gravity well of tech goodness. Multi-touch? Apple licensed that. They didn’t invent it.

    The Web will remain the only real killer app. At least until the cable companies and the mobile phone companies shut it down.

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