More to the power of Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy is obviously a truly amazing internet property that captures the web at its purest and idealistic best.
(Along with Wikipedia and a short list of others.)

I found this article about how they determine “mastery” by one of their lead developers really interesting.

It caught my attention partially because I have been reading up on Ruby powered AI lately.
(Its become SO easy to get some basic AI into your app. Just go do it!)

But more interesting is the amazing dataset that they are assembling about learning effectiveness.
By recording the progress of millions of students in a centralized and systematic format they are creating the richest dataset on how people learn that has ever been created. Based on their values and the article I can only assume its public data.

I look forward with anticipation to the magic that will come out of this data set. I really need to start my own search.


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