Data Analysis Tools

“Data Scientists”, “Big Data”, “Visualization” its all the rage these days.
Here is a mountain of data. Now make it mean something.
Easier said than done.

Inspiring interesting problem though and it’s obviously just getting started with the rate we are accumulating data.

What has inspired me the most about the problem is just how available (and free) the most powerful tools are.

I started by getting out my old statistics books but realized MIT opencourseware was so much better.
Then it was time to install and start playing with the data powerhouse hadoop. Plenty of guides helping me get started and free datasets.
Next it was a few downloadable books about R and the free tools for that.
Now the latest shiny free toy, a slick UI to sit on top that looks pretty easy to put together.

All the barriers are yours. The world has opened the gates wide.


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